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Have some questions? Let's clear some things up. 

Where is Gettin' Grubb located?

Both lodges for Gettin' Grubb are located in Sebring, FL but the ranches that we hunt are located everywhere from: Sebring, Okeechobee, Zolfo Springs, Moore Haven, and Immokalee. 

How many acres do we hunt?

As of right now, we have access to 20,000 acres of private land all over Central Florida with more being added every year. 

Where do I fly into?

Sebring is pretty equal in distance to Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers airports (about 1.5 hours). Sebring also has an airport for private and personal aircrafts. 

What to wear?

Most of the year FL is relatively warm to very hot and thus cold weather gear isn't necessary other than on a handful of January/ February hunts. For gator hunts, long pants and waterproof shoes/boots are recommended although an old pair of sneakers are fine as well. Shirt is based on personal preference although I typically wear long sleeve in case we have to army crawl or stalk through brush. Came isn't required for alligators but darker clothing tends to be better. 

For turkey hunts, typical spring turkey gear with long light to mid weight camo and facemask. We do tend to get some chilly spring mornings where a light camo jacket may be needed. 

How does pricing work?

Alligators: We have both packages that include multiple days worth of hunting plus food/lodging, etc and those prices can be found under the hunts tab. We also have day pricing available for those that just want to come for the day and that pricing is by the foot. Contact us for current season day pricing. Day prices also include lunch and drinks/snacks plus shooting any pigs that we see while on our alligator hunt. 

Turkeys: Similar to the alligators we have both a package price and a standalone turkey price if food and lodging isn't going to be needed. 

Are guns provided?

Yes we provide firearms for our hunts. We normally use a .270 for alligator hunts (.22-250 for smaller meat gator hunts). We also have a .410, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge for turkey hunts. Hunters are more than welcome to bring their own firearms but we provide them if necessary. 


Method of Harvest for Alligators?

We can accommodate any weapon request whether it be pistol, rifle, crossbow, or compound bow but will certainly give you our advice on whether that weapon provides you with the best opportunity on your target size alligator. We also offer spot and stalk, hand-lining, hanging baits, and the use of fishing poles to catch gators as methods of harvest depending on what the hunter is looking for. 

Processor/Taxidermist for Trophies?

Alligator processing and taxidermy is done with Florida Trophy Gators in Okeechobee, FL as they are a one stop shop for meat processing, leather goods, and trophy mounts and they do a phenomenal job. Other accommodations can be made upon hunters request. We have worked with numerous turkey taxidermists based on what the hunter is looking to spend and can certainly give recommendations of such upon harvest.

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